There is a big difference between the lowest and the highest prices charged by water companies. The reason for the difference in water prices is due to a number of factors.

Structural differences:

  1. Supplying water-consuming industries can be relatively cheap when compared to the cost of supplying small customers, for example holiday cottages.
  2. Geological factors can make it more expensive to pump water up in some places than in others.
  3. In some areas, investments have had to be made in new well-drilling spots, due to contamination.
  4. The intensity of waste water treatment depends on the receiving environment.
  5. Decentralized waste water treatment is more expensive than central waste water treatment.
  6. The older the waterwork, the more maintenance required.
  7. Environmental circumstances may vary.

Politically determined differences:

  1. Different companies pursue different investment policies. At the moment, many companies are investing in new sewers in order to be able to address the consequences of climate change.
  2. Several drinking water companies are investing considerably in groundwater protection.
  3. Service levels may vary.
  4. There may be differing degrees of reliability supply.