Of the total water price, 18.1% is paid to the drinking water company, 51.4% to the waste water company and 30.5% to the state in the form of VAT other taxes. The average water price can be split into the price of treating and supplying clean drinking water; and the price of collecting and treating waste water and returning it to the environment. Processing and the supply of clean drinking water comprises groundwater protection, pumping, processing and the supply of clean water which totals DKK 21.97, corresponding to 34.7% of the total price. Collecting water in sewers, treatment and discharge totals DKK

41.27, corresponding to 65.3% of the total price. The prices include VAT and other taxes. Income from water sales is made up of fixed contributions (33%) and variable usage (67%). For the waste water companies, 11% of their income stems from fixed contributions and89% from variable contributions.