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During the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2021, congress delegates will have plenty of opportunities to explore Denmark as a living water laboratory. The country’s small size means that technical tours to full scale implementation of these and many other technologies are reachable in just a few hours from the congress venue.

Denmark has an abundance of interesting facilities to visit. The final programme will be updated as we get closer to the congress but here are a few examples to serve as inspiration:

  • Copenhagen Harbour Bath
  • Copenhagen’s first climate resilient neighbourhood
  • Treatment of hospital wastewater at the source
  • State-of-the art waterworks in Greater Copenhagen
  • Water efficiency through industrial symbiosis
  • Wastewater treatment plant as energy factory
  • The Climate City of Middelfart

Want to visit Denmark before 2021?

Take advantage of the lessons learned by leading Danish utilties, companies, organisations and universities through a State of Green Water Tour. Through an extensive network of contacts, the non-profit public-private partnership State of Green can create a customised visit programme tailored to the specific needs of your delegation. Find inspiration for possible site visits in Denmark and read more about State of Green’s services at

Want to showcase your state-of-the-art water solution in 2021?

Danish water utilities, companies and universities etc. who wish to showcase their state-of-the-art solutions are welcome to contact State of Green at

Please note that the final programme for technical tours during IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in 2021 will not be determined until we get closer to 2021.

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