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We are proud to host IWA Congress and Exhibition about: “Water for smart liveable cities”. This topic addresses the challenges of the future and we will demonstrate smart water technology, system solutions, governance and policy in order to secure resilience in future towns and cities of the world.

Welcome to Denmark and Copenhagen 11 - 15 September 2022

Denmark has a long history of water and a remarkable tradition for sustainable solutions. Copenhagen is a liveable, blue and green city introducing smart integrated water solutions. In Denmark we drink groundwater directly from the tap, and thanks to efficient waste water treatment you can swim in our harbour, and our beaches are clean. New climate resilient neighbourhoods are being planned and built. Congress delegates will have plenty of opportunities to explore this living water laboratory.

Call for content

The 2022 World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen, Denmark is designed to bring together over 10,000 water professionals from academia, utilities, industry, government, regulators and NGOs and also engage the water-consuming industries and other parallel sectors. We invite you to be an active player in shaping the future of water at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022 by submitting your outline papers, workshop or training proposals by 31 December 2021.
Through the underlying theme ‘Water for smart liveable cities’, a concept in which Denmark is leading, we will explore smart, holistic and liveable city solutions that utilize synergies between various intelligent systems, empower cities to adapt to a changing climate and meet the Paris agenda, whilst improving the quality of life and well-being of our societies. In addition, we will contribute to developing a global culture of innovation that can enable the radical transformations required.

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Denmark has four members in the Programme Committee and the programme will run in 19 tracks. Read more and stay updated at worldwatercongress.org

Join the Pavilion of Denmark

The Pavilion of Denmark addresses the global water challenges of the future and demonstrate smart water technology, system solutions, governance and policy in order to secure resilience in future towns and cities of the world. The Danish Pavilion features an open and innovative exhibition area of +600 sqm with specific zones highlighting the water cycle and all key areas where Danish knowledge and skills can make a difference world wide. Read more here.

White Papers

State of Green og IWA-DK has released the White Paper: Water for Smart Liveable Cities.

State of Green has released the White Paper: Unlocking the potential of wastewater.  
State of Green is working on a new White Paper about "Groundwater Based Water Supply".

World Water Camp

Students can participate in a World Water Camp in Copenhagen during the congress in 2022.

Water for Smart Liveable Cities

Read the Danish core narrative about congress ambitions, summits and outcome here.

Join us in Copenhagen

We encourage you to join us in to Copenhagen and participate in IWA World Water Congress &  Exhibition 2022. 

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Watercities Relay Writing Event

Denmark - a living water lab

Copenhagen - a world water capital

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Denmarks proposal

Copenhagen, Denmark was chosen to host IWA World Water Congress at IWA Governing Assembly in Brussels October 2015. You can read the Final Bid from Denmark (version without economy) here

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