Karin Klitgaard welcomes the participants at the HCC meeting 10 April 2019.

HCC meeting 2019

Read Agenda and Danish report from the meeting. Find presentations from the meeting 10 April at DI, Copenhagen here: 

Organization & timeline
v.Helle Katrine Andersen, chair HCC/IWA-DK

The Danish commitment. Report on sponsor engagement and cooperation
v. Anders Bækgaard, Congress President, IWA-DK

IWA initiatives on digital water, innovation and smart water cities
How can IWA and the Danish water industry (private companies, utilities, universities and organizations) work together towards IWA2020 and beyond?
v. Kala Vairavamoorthy, Executive Director IWA

Status on activities
Technical anchor group (faglig forankringsgruppe)
v. Peter Steen Mikkelsen, DTU

Linking activities to our core narrative
v. Miriam Feilberg, DANVA

v. Cecilie Buch Thomsen, State of Green

Technical Tours
v. Cecilie Buch Thomsen, State of Green

v. Andreas Julskjær Pedersen, DWTG

Nordic Baltic cooperation
v. Anders Bækgaard, IWA-DK

Business seminars
v. Svend-Erik Jepsen, DI

YWP activities
v. Nadia Schou Vorndran Lund, YWPDK/DTU

Summit, forum and side events & Pre-conference activities
v. Helle Katrine Andersen, IWA-DK/DANVA

Linking P4G and IWA2020
v. Iver Høj Nielsen, Head of P4G activities, State of Green

Steering Group

See the members of the Host Country Committee Steering Group here.

HCC activities - Responsible coordinators:

Summit, forums and side-events: Coordinator: Helle Katrine Andersen (hka@danva.dk)

Academic Anchor Group (input to Programme Committee): Coordinator: Peter Steen Mikkelsen (psmi@env.dtu.dk)

Sponsor group: Coordinator Anders Bækgaard (ab@danva.dk)

Technical Tours: Coordinator: Tanya Jacobsen (tja@stateofgreen.com)

Marketing, Branding and Outreach: Coordinator: Tanya Jacobsen (tja@stateofgreen.com)

Exhibition: Coordinators: Ilse Korsvang (ilse.korsvang@dk-export.dk) and Andreas Julskjær (andreas.julskjaer@dk-export.dk

Business seminars: Coordinator: Karin Klitgård (kakl@di.dk)

Nordic and Baltic cooperation: Coordinator Anders Bækgaard (ab@danva.dk)

Core Narrative and Sustainable Development Goals: Coordinator: Miriam Feilberg (mfe@danva.dk)

Young Water Professionals, YWP: Coordinator: Nadia Lund (nalu@env.dtu.dk

Social events: Joint Organising Committee (Helle Katrine Andersen, Anders Bækgaard and Peter Steen Mikkelsen).

HCC meeting 2018

IWAhq participated at the Host Country Committee 25 April 2018 in Odense and talked to about 80 participants from the Danish Watersector and experienced the commitment to make IWA2020 a great success. 
Read Agenda and download Core narrative.

Download Helle Katrine Andersen's and Anders Bækgaard's joint presentation

Download Kala Vairavamoorthy's presentation.

Download Miriam Feilberg's presentation.

Download Keith Robertson's presentation

Download Karsten Arnbjerg's presentation.

Download Ilse Korsvang's presentation.

Download YWPDK presentation.

HCC meeting 27 April 2017

The Host Country Committee gathered for a meeting 27 April in Odense.

Read summary of the working group meetings here.

Download Helle Katrine Andersens presentation.

Download Anders Bækgaards presentation.

Download Karsten Arnbjergs presentation.

Download Marina Bergen Jensens presentation.

Download CALL Copenhagen, Ole Larsens presentation.

Katrine Rafns presentation is not available.

Presentations and summary from meeting 27. april 2016

Summary from the 6 working groups (in Danish).

Kick-off prolog - Anders Bækgaard

IWA Kick-off meeting 27 april 2016 - Helle Katrine Andersen

Working Groups - Miriam Feilberg

Brisbane - Ilse Korsvang