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Leading Nordic event for water professionals

DANVA, FIWA, Svenskt Vatten, Norsk Vann and Samorka (Iceland) welcome experts and practitioners, managers and operators, city planners, researchers, engineers, advisors and others with an interest in wastewater management, urban drainage and climate adaptation in the Nordic region.

Themes at NORDIWA 2021

Climate change adaptation and resilience • Climate change mitigation • Sustainable stormwater management • Energy efficiency • Green house gas emissions and Climate ambitions • Biogas production and use

Sewer management • Treatment of combined sewer overflows • Interaction sewers and wastewater treatment plants • Wastewater treatment • Small agglomerations and wastewater treatment

Circular economy • Sludge management • Resource recovery, recycling and recovery of nutrients • Reuse of wastewater • System efficiency • Micropollutants and microplastics

SDGs and wastewater • Management, governance, benchmarking and new legislation • Digitalisation • Lessons learnt from utility management during the Covid-19-pandemic • Risk management • Crisis handling • Communicating to customers

Key dates

• 28 January 2021 submissions deadline
• March 2021 authors notification
• 1 April 2021 registration opens
• May 2021 final programme published

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Yderligere information

Kontakt Britt Cramer Dalén på bd@danva.dk